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5, 2 or 1 day seminar:

“The Vibrant Relationship” or “The Vibrant Family”

from distancing to acknowledging intimacy in the couple relationship.

Relation Focused Therapy – Theory and Practice

A Mentalisation Based Couple Therapy with the subjects:

• Core assumptions in Relation Focused Therapy – A relational Ethics

  1. The couple relation developmental spiral  

  2. The Dialogue of Acknowledgment: Presentation – video – Exercises

• Validation and Acknowledgment – The different concepts

• Attachment Theory and Adult Attachment

• Affective Neuroscience, Acknowledging Intimacy and the Cogwheel-model

• Narrative method – the Autobiographic Narrative

• The Dialogue of Change: Change through frustration and longing – the childhood memory: • Presentation – video

• Relation Focused Therapy – in different contexts – to become acknowledging in the Dialogical processes

The Seminar will convey theory as well as hands-on issues by presentations, video-bits as well as by exercises and plenary clarification and discussion.

The seminar is based on our books:

Based on the experience from the postgraduate training at the Centre for Relation Focused Therapy during the last 5 years, a need for en ongoing supervision facility has emerged.

To integrate personally the Dialogue of Acknowledgment is one thing. To make the further step of also integrating it into your therapeutic style is quite another thing. This work calls for continued inspiration, support and in-depth supervision.



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“The Vibrant Family” –
A handbook for parents and professionals Karnac, London 2011.
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“The Vibrant Relationship” – A handbook for couples and therapists

Karnac, London 2011.

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