Seidenfaden & Draiby

A Weekend Workshop 

(no date sceduled at the moment)

in Petersfield south of LONDON

This two-day Workshop is designed for couples who want to focus both on deepening intimacy in their day to day life together as well as working on the challenges they experience in their relationship. The aim is to enable couples to develop a deeply satisfying relationship that is built on a realistic picture of one another and thus achieve a closer and more intimate relationship. In the workshop we focus on developing an understanding of the processes that contribute to our differences and frustrations.

Your relationship is our focus and we teach you how to work with the process we call the Dialogue of Acknowledgment. Our belief is that our early relationships profoundly influence our later couple relationships as our childhood ‘dramas’ surface in the context of our intimate adult relationships.

Ideas and skills will be presented through mini- lectures, video-clips, demonstrations, and exercises focusing on communication techniques and processes as well as through written work and exercises based on a detailed manual given to each workshop participant. Kirsten and Piet assisted by experienced couples’ therapists will provide plenty of support and encouragement for participants throughout the two days of the workshop. 

Mini-lectures, video clips and demonstrations take place in the large group but all the exercises are completed privately by participants and shared only between partners in order to ensure a sense of safety and confidentiality throughout the workshop. From experience we know that the large group sessions provide a unique opportunity for sharing experiences,  but at the same time we also stress that it is entirely at participants´ discretion to decide whether anything from the work done privately by partners is shared in the larger group .

The workshop presenters are:

Kirsten Seidenfaden, Clinical Psychologist specialising in Psychotherapy and Supervision

Mail: & Piet Draiby GP, Psychotherapist and Supervisor, specialising in Child and Adole-cent Psychiatry. Mail:

Saturday 9.30 -20.00 and Sunday 9.30-17.00

LOCATION: Petersfield - Details of venue to follow

COSTt: £520.00 GBP per couple.
Included in the fee is coffee/tea and snacks on arrival, lunch, coffee/tea and fruit and soft drinks during both the workshop days

Places are limited to 12 couples and full payment guarantees a place on a first come first served basis. When we have received the payment, you will receive a confirmation of your places at the workshop or asked if you wish your names to be placed on a waiting list

CANCELLATION POLICY: 50% refund when places are cancelled up to 4 weeks before the course starts. For couples on the waiting list a 90% refund will be given in the event of no places becoming available with 10%  being retained as an administration charge.

Email your Registration to and include the following informations:

Partners name


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Payment can be transferred to:


Bank            HSBC

Adress:Market Square, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3HQ

Account Name:Crisalida Workshop

Account number:71427555

Sort Code:         40-36-16

BIC/SWIFT code: MIDLGB2149A  &  IBAN: GB85MIDL40361671427555

Payment enquiries at  +44 (0) 7766  944  218

Seminar for Couples – ”The Vibrant Relationship”

The seminar is based on:

“The Vibrant Relationship” – A handbook for couples and therapists.

“The Vibrant Family” – A handbook for parents and professionals

Both Karnac, London 2011.

Buy the book here

Buy the book here

Contact by Mail     Phone -  Mobile +45 2964 6855